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How to make a Beach Hut Inspired sewing kit

How to make a Beach Hut Inspired sewing kit-ironically no sewing required! This is the last of the Beach Hut Style makes for July 2018; it’s the easiest and the quickest and uses up all those little leftovers… You will need : remnants of trims left over from the-S box July 2018 a traditional Kilner… read more

How to : Pinked seams using pinking shears

This week, as our haberdashery delivery contained new stock of pinking shears here’s a guide on how to use them. Pinking shears are a form of scissors but instead of a straight cutting blade they are saw toothed leaving a zig zag pattern. The reason behind this is to stop fabric edges from fraying so easily, this… read more

How To : make your own bias binding

How to make bias binding or cut and join a crossway strip. In our first “how-to”on this blog we covered the attachment of bias binding and flippantly stated what a nightmare it is to make your own bias binding… well maybe, maybe not, you can now decide for yourself. Go on have a go You… read more

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