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how to : make a boxy zip top purse from the-S box July 2019

YAY ! This month we actually managed to find time out to sew and have not only created this super-cute, super-easy boxy, zip top purse; but we have shared the pattern with you in the-S box July 2019 Botanical     This month, the-S box has been inspired by our new neighbours upstairs in Riverside,… read more

How to: Make your own beach hut cushion cover

Making a cushion cover really is an easy, rainy-day afternoon job, so if you are in the mood for a sewing-fest, we can guide you through the how to’s of making an ‘envelope’ or ‘housewife’  cushion cover. As it has been so cold lately and we are missing the summer, we have chosen a simple… read more

How to: Appliqué -beach hut style

In preparation for the beach hut cushion project it is important that you understand the basics of appliqué. It is a technique in which pieces of fabric, embroidery, or other materials are sewn onto another piece of fabric to create designs, patterns or pictures. Start off with a paper template and use it as a guide to… read more

How to make Christmas Bunting

Before you start your bunting project we suggest drawing out a ‘flag’ template. You will need: ruler, A4 paper, pencil, paper scissors Draw a 20cm horizontal line, measure and mark the halfway point (10cm) and from this draw a vertical line down a further 20cm. (this should look like a big T) This will become the… read more

Out with the old and in with new… it’s time for new pinnies!

We have always had a lot of interest and a lot of compliments in the shop when wearing our pinnies and we are always asked ‘do we sell them?‘ The short answer is unfortunately no, BUT we will tell you how we make them and then you can make one of your own and embellish it to your own… read more

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