the-S box every month

Do you want the-S box every month?

the-S box monthly subscription is a craft box from the-stitchery. Each month we gather a selection of inspirational, creative goodies from our gorgeous Lewes store to get you crafting, sewing, doing and making.

We give you useful, but small amounts of co-ordinationed or themed product, usually seasonal (but in advance) so you can create handmade gifts, accessories and complete small projects.

As always, the-S box is not designed to be a kit, but as ever, the-S box is jammed packed full of inspirational, innovative and useful, crafty goodies

We’re like your personal craft shoppers, no angst, no planning. We do all the hard work and you get all the fun – we’ll often give you ideas to kick start your making muse either by pointing you to a blog or an image to inspire you. (but please note the-S box is not a kit). Expect creative combinations of fabric and haberdashery and crafty bits and pieces

the-S box recurring, monthly subscription is sent out at the beginning of each month. Sometimes we’ll include an extra little surprise gift enclosed ! Who doesn’t love something for free?

Get it EVERY month
If you want to take out a recurring, monthly subscription to the-S box without having to commit to a big stash of cash up front  grab a guaranteed the-S box each month. Why not treat yourself or a crafty sewist-they’ll be so pleased to receive these exciting goodies. Warning – we only ever make a limited batch of each gorgeous box ..order soon before they disappear…

Total contents for the-s box will usually be worth around £25.00 WOW! so this box is a real gift for £16.95! Why such great value? because we love our lovely customers sew much…

Order now to guarantee delivery…


£16.95 / month

A single S box costs £16.95 plus £3.00 p and p. (So you pay £19.95 for each box each month), but we aim to bring you great value by putting together crafty goodies exceeding that cost, (contents are usually worth an average of £25.00).


If you want to buy just one box to check it out: you choose which month you want -you can choose a previous box (whilst stocks last) or an advance one- just tell us your preference.


For a six month subscription, nine month subscription or even a whole year’s subscription follow the relevant link and as a reward you will get increasing discounts. Sign up for a year and we will send you an extra box free!!!


THE SMALL PRINT: Please note that depending on stock availability, it might be necessary to substitute some products for similar alternatives of the same or greater value.


the-s box should arrive intact and undamaged. We pride ourselves on the quality of our individually cut and selected products. Please do hesitate to contact us if you are unhappy with the quality of the contents of this box and we will resolve the issue

Standard 1st Class Delivery: £3.95

Single S Box Delivery: £3.00

Spend over £25 and Delivery is Free!