Overlocking or Overlocker Thread

So if you have an overlocking machine, you’ll know exactly what overlocker thread is and what it’s for !

Overlockers used to be a pretty big investment and consequently not many people owned one, but prices have fallen and a domestic overlocker is not quite so unusual today. If you are a serious ‘sewist’, an overlocker will give such a neat professional finish to most seams, that once you take the plunge and acquire one, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without!

Thing is, overlocking uses a lot of thread, hence these thread cones are a whopping 5000 yards !

Overlockers are a bit fiddly to re-thread, with most models requiring three or four thread sources, so all but the most purist perfectionists tend to stick with just black or white



Cone = 5000yds

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