Black Out or Dim Out Lining

Black Out or Dim Out lining is for curtain and blind making; contrary to popular belief, “Blackout’ is not necessarily black in colour, but ‘blacks’ out the light.

Our opaque blackout lining is properly known as Dim Out (Dim Out behaves more like a fabric rather than a plastic covering)

(This Dim Out does not have the thermal qualities of 3 pass Black Out, which means it will not leave you and your family sweltering in hot bedrooms trying to sleep in the light summer months)

For travellers, night shift workers, and parents of babies, blackout is an essential element in the bedroom!  (also used for film projector screens)

price is per metre



Geek info alert: The process of manufacturing blackout was apparently invented by Baltimore-based Rockland Industries and involves coating a fabric with fine layers of foam, or ‘passes’. A ‘2-pass’ blackout is produced by applying two passes of foam to a fabric – first, a black layer is applied to the fabric, then a white or light-colored layer is applied on top of the black. A ‘3-pass’ blackout is produced by applying a layer of white foam to the fabric first, then a layer of black foam followed by the third and final layer of white or light-colored foam.

Standard 1st Class Delivery: £3.95

Single S Box Delivery: £3.00

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