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Vix is both a team member at the-stitchery and owner of TashTori Arts & Crafts; the fantastic art supplies shop next door to us, that we work hand-in-hand with

Favourite colour : 50 shades of blue… ultramarine, cerulean, turquiose etc

Favourite TV or film : TV-Desperate Housewives, Film-Grease yes! I’m stuck in the 70’s !

Top Tip for Life : Just don’t try to be normal or Heaven Forbid! you might grow up NORMAL!

Best thing about working here : it’s light, bright and fun! I love exploring customer projects and ideas and helping them to achieve an end project!

Your area of specialism : Art, Mixed Media and Craft

What did want to be when you grew up : A stunt-woman!

If you could choose, which famous person would you like to be : Lara Croft – Tomb Raider

Which Bonfire society : Newick

Tell us a secret : I can Can-Can dance, then do a cartwheel into the splits!!

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