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Favourite colour : I’ve got two, I couldn’t choose between Black and Red

Favourite TV or film : Ha ha, my favourite  film is Grease but my favourite TV series is Walking Dead. They couldn’t be more different!

Top Tip for Life : Try, try and try again.

Best thing about working here : I love learning new things

Your area of specialism : Talking! but seriously, I love hearing about customer’s projects and helping them to find the perfect products to complete them. I’m a good listener. I’ve also just taken up crochet.

What did want to be when you grew up : I wanted to be a princess and live in a castle with a tower!

If you could choose, which famous person would you like to be : I’d be be a princess (see above), so I could be rescued from the tower by my prince.

Which Bonfire society : I prefer to watch rather than participate

Tell us a secret : oo no, I couldn’t possibly….

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