About Us

This is who we are…Real people in a real shop with a bricks and mortar address as well as a website.

We are the-stitchery (Lewes) Ltd, a limited company trading as ‘the-stitchery’ and also ‘the knitting basket’ and Riverside Art & Framing. We are registered in England and Wales under company number 06562448 and our VAT number is 932 496 896.

Our promise to you…Customer service is a phrase often bandied around quite casually, but it’s an important matter and one we take very seriously. When you shop with us either online or at our gorgeous retail emporium (OK, our gorgeous shop) in Lewes, we’d like you to be happy with your purchases, and even better – if you were absolutely thrilled!

We love our jobs and have a great passion for the product. We welcome feedback and and comments. We can’t stock everything, but we will listen to your ideas. If by any slim chance we do get something wrong, we need to know…

The previous business that was based here in the charming Riverside building was in desperate need of a re-vamp by the time the-stitchery took over, but for lots of different reasons we took our time and in the interim concentrated on re-building our fabric stocks, refocusing the haberdashery and yarn ranges and listening to what our customers had to say.

We cleared the whole shop into a 7.5 tonne lorry over Christmas 2009 and set to work. It wasn’t an easy or cheap project but all those months of planning have paid off; The-new-stitchery is clean and organised with light, sturdy fixtures that make it really easy to see all the product.


printed canvasOct 2010 saw us extend our floor space to the unit next door and our product ranges to include net curtains and associated home haberdashery with the arrival of The Linen Basket

In May 2011, we acquired Riverside Art and Framing – it does exactly what it says on the tin! – prints, originals, photos and greeting cards & gifts as well as a bespoke framing service

In September 2012, its all change here again – responding to customer demand, The Linen Basket was absorbed back into the-stitchery in order to allow The Knitting Basket to be created. This department finally has the space it deserves and looks stunning presenting a riot of colour and texture as you come up the stairs in Riverside. Net curtaining and furnishing fabrics will move back into the-stitchery along with all the useful bits and bobs for curtain and blind-making.

The–Stitchery celebrates its birthday on May 24th and so far our birthdays have always included a day of balloons and cake-oh and some special offers for our lovely customers of course! In 2015 we re-launched our new look online shop just in time to celebrate our 7th birthday…

July 2016 saw us sadly say Goodbye to the gallery section of Riverside Art & Framing, but we kept the framing and the greetings cards departments YAY! Happily, this big change was to make room to welcome Victoria and her established Lewes shop, TashTori Arts & Crafts into our fold DOUBLE YAY!

Img 7894Stocking all manner of everything for serious artists; paint, pencils, brushes, paper and card, not to mention everything crafty, TashTori product is a perfect match as a neighbour to the-stitchery as we share all our customers already!

Victoria, however,  wasn’t content with staying within the confines of the previous gallery and has extended out to the balcony with découpage paraphernalia and into the back of the-stitchery with craft and modelling stock.

July 2016 was also an important milestone because we introduced the-s box to the world !

In between the re-furbishment, the extensions and the department redefinitions, new neighbours and new products, there have been illnesses, babies and parties – deaths but no marriages yet though we’re ever hopeful (after all we’d have the best dresses and fascinators!!) The talented team that runs this shop is what makes it sooooo special….


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