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Make a Christmas button tree hanging decoration

the-S box Christmas 2020 contains 2 clear plastic bags containing buttons

One set is predominately red and the other is mostly green.

There is also a very useful reel of green floristry wire.

Look closely and you will see that the green selection contains a sparkly red star button and 3 wooden buttons and the red bag has a glittery gold star and 3 wooden buttons. Obviously, you can use these buttons exactly how you like but unlike the whole S box (which is not a kit), these little bags contain a simple, no-sew, mini kit that you can make up with the kids.

You’ll need the 50m reel of green floristry wire which is also in the-S box Christmas (BUT this wire is quite fine and very sharp so please do supervise children using this pesky stuff). Using your paper scissors (not your best dressmaking shears), cut approx 30cm of wire and fold in half.

Starting with the smallest through to largest, thread the three wooden buttons onto the wire (using just two holes in the buttons).

Now sort the bag of buttons into size order; you won’t need to use them all-there are way too many for one tree. Select approx 10 to 12 in descending size order, thread the largest onto the wire first and then add the rest in size order so you get a graduated cone shape.

Finally top off with the star button and twist the wire a couple of times to finishe the decoration.

Use the rest of the wire to create a loop to hang the button tree from the real Christmas tree

ta dah! easy eh?

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