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how to : make a boxy zip top purse from the-S box July 2019

YAY ! This month we actually managed to find time out to sew and have not only created this super-cute, super-easy boxy, zip top purse;

but we have shared the pattern with you in the-S box July 2019 Botanical



This month, the-S box has been inspired by our new neighbours upstairs in Riverside, Lewes: Organica Plants


All you need to reproduce this fab purse is in the-S box July 2019 including the pattern (apart from thread)

It only takes 10 easy steps to make this leafy little purse by machine or by hand. We ran ours up in a couple of hours with the hand sewing and tassel making taking another hour or so


You will need 4 pieces of fabric A4 size

(We used the Monstera print for the outer and the spot print for the lining; both fabrics are in the-S box July 2019), a 25cm zip (also in the-S box July),

also scissors, pins, thread & hand-sewing needles


Using the paper pattern from the box cut out 2 x outer fabric pieces & 2 x lining fabric pieces. All seams have 1.5cms seam allowance & this is included on all seam edges of the pattern

Make up Outer section first

1. If you are using this pattern on a plain fabric that you want to decorate, now is the stage to sew on or appliqué any decorative ribbons or trim to the outer sections

2. Insert a 25cm zip on the un-notched ‘Zip Edge’ of outer fabrics; 1cm of teeth will show. Press or use fingertips to ‘press’ fabric away from zip. Topstitch along zip edges. Leave zip partially open

3. Bring right sides of outer fabric together and match raw edges and notches. Pin tack and stitch base seam. Press seam open and trim seam allowance to half

4. Bring right sides of outer fabric together and match raw edges and stitch the short sides together, making sure to catch in the zip ends. ‘Press’ seam open using fingertips, trim seam allowance to half.

5. now refold the remaining raw edges matching centre of zip end to dot (it looks like a right angle, but needs to be re-folded to make a straight seam.) Stitch. Carefully snip the outer ends not-quite-down to the stitching to release the seam allowance allowing it to open out. Use your fingertips to ‘press’ open this seam. Trim the seam allowance to half.

Next make up Lining section

6. Press 1.5cms on long zip edge. Pin & tack in place by hand.

7. Follow steps 3, 4, (no zip ends to catch in) and 5 as above on the lining pieces.

Join Lining to Outer

8. With the wrong side of the lining facing the wrong side of the zipped outer, place the made up lining section around the outer section.

9. Making sure zip is open, pin and hand stitch the pressed, tacked lining edge (from section 6) to the stitching holding the zip in place on the inside of the zip. Pick up every machine stitch-very neat and very therapeutic!

To finish

10. Turn bag through so that outer fabric is outside and the lining is inside. Make sure all seams are aligned and just use your fingertips to roll out and push out the corners being for a professional finish

Finally make a tassel to add to the zip pull or maybe add a leaf charm or two? Et Voila ! a perfect make up bag/pencil case/purse for the summer…

Now you have the pattern, make a load more for your friends and family; this pattern would scale up for a wash bag with a wipe clean lining, or scale down for a dinky key and lipstick purse.


What a super cute botanical gift !


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