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How to : make a sparkly fabric gift bag

Follow our easy-peasy guide to make a sparkly, fabric gift bag and never buy gift wrapping paper again !

This “how-to” blog features a contrast-lined, silky satin, soft drawstring bag that would be perfect for jewellery or a precious keepsake.


We’re using these gorgeous fabrics from the-S box September 2018 ‘Jewel’ edition of our monthly subscription box. This ‘bling-tastic’ collection of all things Bollywood includes four fat quarters of silky satin* fabrics in stunning shades inspired by the Indian Summer that we’re (hopefully) about to experience …

*so just a quick note about these silky satins ; if you buy the-S box September 2018 it is anticipated that you may well find that the fabrics are a bit of a handling challenge! (We reckon here at the-stitchery that life shouldn’t  always be easy eh? Or we’d never learn and grow! Every day’s a school-day!)

These satins do have a tendency to ‘travel’ as you cut them and pucker when you machine.

Take your time, cut one layer at a time and make sure you have a new, sharp, fine machine needle in place before you start sewing !!

Look at this BEFORE (left) new needle photo and AFTER (right) new needle photo  (yes! so awful I re-did it!)


Cut two lining pieces and one contrasting bag back all the same size. For a finished size bag of 10cms x 15cms, we cut 12cms x 17cms (including 1cm seam allowance on all 4 sides)

The bag front is cut in two contrasting sections (We cut the lower section at 12cms x 7cms and the larger upper section at 12cms x 12cms including 1cm seam allowance)

First join the two bag fronts, press the 1cm seam open carefully.

The finished size of the bag front should now be the same as the bag back and the two lining pieces.

Add trim over the front seam for decoration. We used the narrow sparkly ribbon.


Now join each lining piece to the top- line of the bag back and the bag front respectively. This is what your work should look like now.


Place the front and the back right sides together and pin. Now stitch them together IMPORTANTLY leaving three gaps.

The first gap will be at the top of the lining (so where the stitching starts and ends, make sure you leave a gap – this will be to ‘bag out’ or turn your work through to the right side)

The next two gaps will be no more than 1cm each

and as they are for the drawstring cord channel, they will be level with each other on the long sides of the bag section.


Secure the ends of the stitching and trim the corners. No need to layer the seam allowance as this fabric is so fine.

Turn the bag through to the right side, this will involve a little bit of wriggling, but as this fabric is so fine it should happen pretty easily.

Make sure all four corners are good and sharp

You can carefully use a semi blunt pencill or the point of a pair of scissors – just don’t push this silky fabric through the stitching


Now machine the gap in the lining closed.

Sew in the thread ends

so that the inside of the gift bag will be neat and professional.


Push the lining into the body of the bag. Roll the top line seam between your fore-finger and thumb and press the edge.

Next edge-stitch the top line of the bag for a crisp finish


Now, sew 2 parallel rows of stitching through both the bag outer and lining in a continuous ring.

this stitching should be level with the start and finish of the side seam gaps, don’t forget to and sew in the thread ends.

This will create a cord channel.


Finally use a small safety pin to add two cords (one loop from either side), Knot off and draw up.

Perfect and super gorgeous !


If you are close to Lewes, pop upstairs in the historic Riverside building and come and see these “blog-makes” for yourself. Don’t forget it’s Sew Saturday on Oct 6th 2018 when we’ll have workshops and stitching demos using products from the-S box October and in-store offers for the day…join us for the fun !

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