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How to : make a pair of lacy, satin knickers

In this blog I’ll show you each step of my first attempt at making a pair of fancy pants, or “how to make a pair of lacy satin knickers”!

As always, I have the-S box to inspire my ‘make’ and it was specifically this gold paisley lace that inspired me to have a go a these perfect pants!


So here’s the-S box September 2018.

Inspired by this Summer’s heat-wave, ‘Jewel’ celebrates this (hopefully) Indian Summer

with a spicy palette of HOT gem tones mixed up with a bit of Bollywood Bling.


So, select the silky satin that you like best from the-S box, (there’s four colours to choose from).

Time to cut out the knicker pattern pieces. For this garment, I have left the back sheer with just lace and lined the front, as well as cutting the gusset from a tiny scrap of soft, black cotton jersey.

*so just a quick note about these silky satins ; if you buy the-S box September 2018 it is anticipated that you may well find that the fabrics are a bit of a handling challenge! (We reckon here at the-stitchery that life shouldn’t  always be easy eh? Or we’d never learn and grow! Every day’s a school-day!)

These satins do have a tendency to ‘travel’ as you cut them and pucker when you machine.

Take your time, cut one layer at a time and make sure you have a new, sharp, fine machine needle in place before you start sewing !!

Look at this BEFORE (left) new needle photo and AFTER (right) new needle photo  (yes! so awful I re-did it!)


Pin the cut edge of the folded, double layer, jersey gusset to the wrong side of the back lace

and place the lined lace front over the top, right sides together.

Stitch and layer the seam.


Now flip the gusset so it lays in place on the front lining.

Press the seam and top-stitch it in place to hide the seam allowances.


Now overlock the lace back top line

and the lined lace front top line

and the two leg edges front from to back.



Time for the elastic. Using a zig zag stitch, attach a soft decorative elastic to the four overlocked edges whilst holding it under tension.

You might need to trial this as I found it a bit tricky to get the hang of at first ….


This is the fully elasticated result (a bit over-stretched). But still OK to wear.

Join the side seams right sides together and overlock the seam allowance together .

Once the thread ends are sewn in, the pants are finished !!


ta dah !  super gorgeous ! lacy satin knickers in 90 mins.

If you are close to Lewes, pop upstairs in the historic Riverside building and come and see these “blog-makes” for yourself.

Don’t forget its Sew Saturday on Oct 6th 2018 when we’ll have workshops and stitching demos using products from the-S box October and in-store offers for the day…join us for the fun !

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