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How to : make a faux leather paper wallet

This is an unusual ‘make’ because it utilises an innovative new product that we have sourced for the-S box August 2018 Check Mate

This wallet is made up from the faux leather paper that is included in the box as well as the checked fabric, the velcro and various trims.


Here’s all the pieces that I planned, cut out ready to assemble. I have included a black jeans zip for a change pocket too.

The order of work for this project is crucial, as anything you sew on to the inside will show through to the outside, and whilst there is nothing wrong with that, it will probably look better if kept to a minimum or covered up.

The first stage is to appliqué the internal trim decoration, I used a Prym glue pen to keep the trim in place as I was stitching.

If pins were used, they would leave holes in the leather paper, just like they do on real leather.


Next, prepare the back pocket.

Using a zipper foot,

join in a short jeans zip using clips to hold it in place as you machine


Now arrange and join the (pre-topstitched) note pockets and press in the raw edges of the checked lining.

Plan to machine these pockets so the the stitching will be behind the change pocket when it’s in place, so it won’t show.

Now clip the cards pocket in place (do not stitch yet)

Prepare the topstitched tab with velcro

and clip the velcro tab in place and stitch firmly in place



Glue and stitch decorative trim to change pocket, (leave enough trim to continue around the rest of the wallet)

then clip the change pocket into place over the velcro tab and stitch



Now join the the rest of the trim from the change pocket to the outside of the wallet

At this stage, the wallet is still in unjoined layers.



Now glue the second part the velcro into position

and stitch


The last thing to do is to sew all layers of the wallet together with a single row of topstitching all the around the outside

The last, last thing to do is to thread a narrow ribbon or cord though the split ring and join to the outside of the wallet.


It’s more for show rather than a practical use, but it is a perfect finishing touch.


Here’s the finished wallet inside and out.

What a fab present for one of the men in your life..

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We reckon that these would make FAB gifts for all of the Men in your life.












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