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How to : make a faux leather paper key fob

the-S box August 2018 Check MateHere’s another quick ‘make from the-S box August 2018 Check Mate

The box has a masculine colour palette of Ink, Sepia and Ash and includes products that might make gifts and projects that would work for the guys as well as the girls.


the-S box August 2018 Check MateThis appliquéd key fob is really simple and utilises both the innovative, new faux leather paper

and this fab new cork ribbon that we have included in the box.


We drafted a simple bell shape around our keys

and cut out two pieces of the faux leather paper using the template.



Using any of the ribbons from the-S box, cut several lengths to stitch and decorate the fob.

We folded over the raw ends of the ribbon, so that the finished fob edges will be clean.



Here’s how our two decorated sides looked, there’s no back or front.

We deliberately didn’t try and ‘match’ them, we wanted the fob to look good from all sides.


Now using sewing clips, (as pins would leave holes), join the two decorated pieces together by carefully machining as close to the edge as you dare!. Leave a gap at the top.

Sew in the loose thread ends.


To finish, thread some of the leather cord from the-S box around one of the two split rings and knot very tightly and securely.

Pass the cord through the gap in the stitching and join the second split ring.


Et Voila! Pull up the keys into the fob and your Dad/ Brother/ Uncle/ Husband/ Boyfriend

is ready to go out with his keys and wallet.



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and get making gifts now in time for….shhh don’t say that word!!!



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