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How to : cover a frame with woven ribbons

This is a quick, cute ‘make’ that doesn’t include much actual sewing, but it is quite crafty and might challenge your pattern cutting skills!

This paper maché 3D frame is included in the-S box August 2018 Check Mate.

The box has a masculine colour palette and is focused on product that might make gifts and projects that would work for the guys as well as the girls.

So get the pattern cutting paper out,

and you should end up with something that looks like this; the centre square is the deepest part of the frame.



Now select trims from the-S box

and arrange across a square of leather paper

and stitch down to secure in place.


Now get weaving, you can’t really get it wrong,

everything in the-S box co-ordinates and works together,

including this fab new cork ribbon.


Now clip the paper pattern over the weaving,

and sew the shape of the gaps,

so that you create a guide for the next stage


Now cut out the gaps

through all layers

to within 0.5cms of the gap stitching guides.


Fold the woven piece with the guide stitching right sides together

and sew over the stitching again to create a 3D replica of the frame.



With all four corners sewn

and pushed out

it should something look like this


Place into the paper maché frame.

Trim the excess from the corners


Use double-side tape

and a glue gun to secure the weaving in place around the frame.




Now find something suitable to go into your woven frame.

As my gift was for a chess-lover, I found an abandoned Queen to aptly represent the -s Box August 2018

Check Mate !


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