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How to: make a drawstring denim backpack with a water-resistant lining

It’s not a secret how much this girl  loves swimming! Rumour has it that I’m a secret mermaid (I wish!)

It all started early at Bournemouth beach (but these days you’re more likely to find me at Pells Pool in Lewes).


the-S box July 2018 Beach Hutthe-s box July 2018 -it’s all about the iconic Beach Hut; a brilliant way to base yourself at the beach for a day, but when the sun goes down you’ll still need to take your wet cossie home.

Even if it’s an early morning Pells swim, why not channel a seaside, Beach Hut vibe and transport your swimming gear in style.

the-S box July 2018 beach Hut

the-S box July 2018

Here’s how to make a make a drawstring denim backpack with a water-resistant lining

and what’s more, most of the contents are available in Beach Hut, the-S box July 2018

you will need :

the-S box July 2018 Beach Hutthe-S box July 2018 Beach Huttwo pieces of demin 33cms by 45cms – this includes 1.5cms seam allowance on all four sides. This sizing also includes 6cms to fold down on the top edge to allow for a top facing on the inside. Finished bag will be 30cms x 36cms

two pieces of water resistant polyester 33cms by 39cms – this is for the lining-its the same width but shorter by 6cm because there is a denim on the toppling. These measurements include 1.5cms seam allowance on all four sides.

one piece of denim 17cms by 15cms for a optional decorative pocket and the same in water resistant lining

two pieces of cord each 1m 75cm long for the drawstring

two strips 30cms by 6cms for drawstring channels


Prepare the drawstring channels first by folding under 1.5cms on the long edges, press and top stitch in place through the middle but leave the outer edges for later.

Fold under the ends and topstitch. Finished drawstring channels will be 3cms by 27cms. (it is important that the channels are shorter than the finished width of the bag)


Next prepare the pocket : decorate the denim with trims and ribbons; we placed the fringing so that it was located on the bottom edges of the pocket.

Gentle pull the elastic towards you as you sew to create a gathered top edge


Line the pocket by placing the water-resistanct polyester over the decorated pocket top right sides together.

Stitch all round 1.5cms from raw edge (all the rough ends of the decorative trims will be caught in neatly.


IMPORTANT leave a gap on lower edge.

Trim and layer seam allowance bag out by turning the pocket through the gap.

Pull the fringing out on the bottom edge. Press.

Pull out flat and re-stitch elastic so that the lining is caught in.


Now position and tack the gathered pocket to front of bag.

Stitch on 3 edges.

If you don’t want a pocket then Decorate the Front of the bag.


Now construct the bag :

join the two linings on the two top edges.


Press and tack drawstring strips to bag back and front in place 12cms from top edge and make sure the short ends finish just inside seam allowance

Now place lining and bags RS together, pin (or clip) linings together and fold back bag sections. This is so that you can thread up the drawstrings before sewing.

Thread right hand drawstring through both front and back channels in a continuous loop bringing both ends to rest at right corner and pin over the stitching line so that the raw edges will disappear into the seam allowance

Repeat with the left side. Make sure that the cord will not get caught in the seam allowance at the top of the bag at the ends of the drawstring channels

Fold back bag back down front bag. Pin and stitch-make sure the drawstring is caught into seam and reinforced ( by double-stitching) at lower corners,  but be sure to avoid the cords at the top edge. Leave a gap in the lining and turn bag and lining through the gap. Sew up the lining gap.


Ta dah! you have the perfect bag for your wet cossie…

Any one fancy a dip?







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Beach Hut bunting apron

the-S box July 2018 Beach Hut

the-S box July 2018 beach Hutand a Seaside bunting apron.  All made with Beach Hut, the-S box July 2018

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