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How to make a Beach Hut Inspired sewing kit

How to make a Beach Hut Inspired sewing kit-ironically no sewing required! This is the last of the Beach Hut Style makes for July 2018; it’s the easiest and the quickest and uses up all those little leftovers…

You will need :

remnants of trims left over from the-S box July 2018

a traditional Kilner 0.5l preserving Jar with a 2 part screw top lid (we bought ours from Louis Potts a specialist tableware retailer just down the road from us )

half a polystyrene sphere (diameter just smaller that  the inner ring of the lid)

scissors and a glue gun – no sewing machine required



First cut the poly-ball in half with a bread knife-carefully!

Now roughly cut out a circle of fabric



Centre the fabric and pin to the polystyrene

working from the centre smooth the fabric by pinning

glue the fabric in place underneath, gently pleating it to create as smooth a finish as possible



Now glue the fabric covered polystyrene

to the flat disc that forms the inner section of the 2 part lid

Be careful of the heat of the glue as the metal disc will also heat up !


Now glue the remnants to the jar;

we started with the wide blue webbing to form a base for the other trims,

we added the fringing at the base of the webbing.


Cut and seal the trim

at the same place at the back

and glue to seal the raw edges.


We now added the two coloured cords, in parallel rows.




At the back, continue gluing and move the cord up anther row without cutting

We finished the jar with the red ric the Pick of the month from the-S box July 2018 from the team at the-stitchery


Here’s the finished result, we think it would make a super-cute gift for any beginner or novice sewer. The haberdashery contents we popped in the jar were thread, tape measure, stitch ripper, needle-threaders and little scissors. Pins obviously go in to pincushion on the lid and we realised later that hand-sewing needles ought to be included too!!

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Beach Hut bunting apronthe-S box July 2018 Beach HutHave fun what ever you make from the contents of Beach Hut, the-S Box July 2018

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