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How to: make a Beach Hut bunting apron


Beach Hut bunting apronooo a Beach Hut bunting apron? If you know anything about us Stitcheryettes then you’ll be aware that we love, love LOVE our denim aprons!

We also love making inspirational and creative ‘stuff’ with the contents of the-S box.

We also LOVE bunting-it’s one of our favourite things to stitch…

the-S box July 2018 Beach Hutthe-S box July 2018 Beach Hutthe-s box July 2018 is all about that great British tradition – the much loved Beach Hut.

We’ve provided enough denim to make up an apron, so we thought let’s combine beach huts, buntings and aprons…

The basic apron template is cut from a rectangle of a fabric 75cms by 7cms

Beach Hut bunting apronBeach Hut bunting apronCut denim to the above size, trimming off straight strips which will be used to make up two waist ties.  We made ours 80cms long and a finished width of 2cms wide).

We used a white contrast top-stitch for strength and appearance.


the-S box July 2018 Beach HutTo make a neck band, use some (approx 60cms) of the webbing from the Beach Hut S-box (we folded it in half lengthways and top stitched it).

(For an alternative look, you could make the waist ties from denim lined with cotton poplin)

Cut two armhole curves between top line and sides edges leaving top line measuring 26cms and side edges 56cms each. Do not hem any edges yet.


Beach Hut bunting apronBeach Hut bunting apronUse the printed, beach hut cotton poplin from the Beach Hut S-box and scraps of other fabric to make up mini bunting flags.

(Have a look at this mini bunting blog for more info on making up the bunting).


Beach Hut bunting apronBeach Hut bunting apronWe made our bunting double-sided by placing two flags right sides together,

stitching the two diagonal sides, trimming the seam allowances

and turning through and pressing the seams to form crisp neat edges.


Beach Hut bunting apronTo keep the practical feel, we also top-stitched our bunting flags on the two diagonal edges. In all, we made twenty one double sided flags.

NB: we used a plain ivory cotton underneath the Beach Hut printed cotton so that the print didnt show through from the flag underneath .


Beach Hut bunting apronBeach Hut bunting apronUse the ribbon trims from the-S box July 2018 or use patterned bias binding to form the bunting tape,

pinning and stitching it over the top raw, open edge of each flag,

leaving the diagonal edges fluttering free just like real bunting.


Beach Hut bunting apronBeach Hut bunting apronNow overlock  (or zig-zag) the long sides of the apron catching in the ribbons continue around the curved armhole and top and bottom edges in one pass.


Press 1.5cms on all neatened edges.

Beach Hut bunting apronBeach Hut bunting apronPin raw ends of the denim side ties and webbing for neck under overlocked pressed edges

Now top-stitch all edges and press.

So now, we’re all set for making the sandwiches at the Beach Hut.

Why not carry on the Beach Hut bunting theme and decorate the garden for a party or even your Beach Hut if you’re lucky enough to have one: us? we’ll make do with the shed…

Have a look at our Beach Hut decorated, appliqué tea towels for when someone has to do the washing up later…

We also used Beach Hut the-S box July 2018 to make a drawstring denim backpack with a water-resistant lining. Perfect to take to the Beach or Pool

Finally, we used up all the remnants from our Beach Hut sewing to make up this gorgeous Beach Hut style sewing kit.

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