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How to make a no-sew ribbon charm

OO! here’s a gorgeous no-sew ribbon charm that we made using a really useful ribbon clasp.

This ribbon clasp was included in the-s box January 2108.

What a perfect little pressy for your bestie or why not start planning a handmade gift for Mother’s day?


no-sew ribbon charmno-sew ribbon charmYou will need :

a no-sew ribbon charm clasp from Power Pink the-s box January 2018

and the large lobster clip (that will be included in the-s box February 2018)


and very importantly, a tiny joining jump ring ( I got mine from a local store Tizz’s )

some fray check (or pva glue)

a selection of ribbons, we used a combination of tapes, ric rac, ribbons and braid as well as a small coloured chain and a tassel

First, prep the ribbons by cutting them to varying lengths between 9 and 12 cms – it’s quite nice if they are not all the same length. The end of the ribbon to go into the clasp should be cut straight, cut the other end diagonally

It’s best not too use too many ribbons together otherwise the selection will be too bulky for the clasp (check at this stage that what you intend will fit easily in to the clasp). We fitted 3 flat ribbons, some ric rac and and a star trim and a slightly thicker gimp

Once you are happy that the ribbons will fit, carefully line up the straight ends and hold tight between first  finger and thumb and glue the edge with a tiny amount of glue or fray check. (Choose a glue that dries clear)

Small amount of patience required here:

Keep ahold of the ribbons, wait for a couple of minutes for the glue to start drying then slide the ribbons into clasp.

Keep holding whilst using the pliers to squeeze the clasp as tight as possible until the ribbons are securely clamped in place.


This is the fiddly bit:  Now assemble the charm by opening up the jump ring; gently twist the ring sideways and use it to link the be-ribboned clasp to the lobster clip.

Before you close the ring back up, add the chain and tassel onto the jump ring, this leaves more room for more ribbons in the clasp.

Finally, tighten up the jump ring with pliers – and ta dah! it’s done.

So simple, so effective, so cute.

Attach this perfect no-sew ribbon charm to your handbag and show off !

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