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How to : Tie a Tassel

Tassel Making - Finished Jute Tassel

Tassel Making – Finished Jute Tassel

So, we’re reliably informed that TASSELS are set to be all the rage this summer!

Move over pom poms (no actually don’t! we love pom poms just as much as ever) but the humble tassel is so NOW, so right for elevation to the trim-tastic, top-dog position.

We’re so excited because it turns out that tassels are just so so easy to make.

Here’s the first 3 tassels I created this week using just a few basic example methods to get you started…

So this jute tassel, (pictured above) was, I confess, the first attempt I made and I think it’s a bit ‘skinny’ but here’s how to make it….

First gather everything you need, large needles, scissors, the tassel yarn (in this case jute) and for this method an piece of A4  card.

Tassel Making - Fold card and cut a notch

Cut a notch

Now we need to create a folded card template. This method is especially useful if you want to create several identical tassels, say, for the four corners of a cushion.

Fold the card to a firm thickness and to a length equal to finished length of the tassel. We folded our A4 card in half twice to create tassels of 7cms.

Now cut a notch as shown here on the open edge (not the folded edge).


Tassel Making -Wrap the Neck

Wrap the neck

Start to wind the tassel yarn continuously around the card over the cut notch.

Without cutting the yarn, use the notch space to wrap the neck of the tassel finishing with a tight secure knot and then sew the knotted end into the inside of the tassel



Tassel Making - Create a hanging loop

Create a hanging loop

Finally thread another length of yarn and pass the needle between the card fold at the head of the tassel to create a hanging loop

Slide the whole tassel off the card

and cut the looped ends and trim.



Tassel Making - Thread needle

Thread the needle

The second method is using stranded cotton skeins to make 2 tassels.

You’ll need a whole 8m skein and part of a second one for top loops and neck wrapping. (This second skein could be the same colour or a contrast shade?) Thread a large needle with cotton from the second skein.



Tassel Making - Create Hanging Loop

Create hanging loop

Leaving the labels in place, make a loop at one end of the first whole skein and tie off.

Repeat this process at the other end of the whole skein. This is what it should look like. These loops will be the tops of two separate tassels.



Tassel Making - Wrap the first neck

Wrap the first neck

Now start neck wrapping.

Try to keep this winding as regular and neat as possible.




Tassel Making - Secure wrapped neck ends

Knot wrapped neck ends

Tie off and knot the ends of each wrapped neck tightly and securely.

Sew in the knot and the ends into the tassel to ‘lose’ them.




Tassel Making - Repeat at other end

Repeat at other end

This is what your work should look like now.

Now adjust the position of the labels to help to decide the finish length of the tassels.

Two the same or one long, one short?



Tassel Making - Cut tassels to length

Cut tassels to length

Tassel Making - Remove labels

Remove labels

Cut through the whole cotton skein

Remove labels

Fun up and comb to strands if required..



Add a bell & join to your purse?

Tassel Making - Fluff up strands?

Fluff up strands?

Ta Dah!

Here’s the short, combed tassel

with a bell added,

usefully joined to my purse

-what a great security idea!


Tassel Making Supplies

Tassel Making Supplies

My final make was as a bit of an antidote to the first Jute tassel which was frankly a bit undersized.

I wanted to produce a really fat, multicoloured key style tassel in four lovely gentle shades of a deserted beach.

I found a method that used a card template without a notch and here are the step by step stages and my results…


Tassel Making -Start to wrap in first colour

Start to wrap in first colour

Tassel Making -Move onto 2nd colour

Wind the 2nd colour

wrap colours





Tassel Making -Wrap the third colour

Wrap the third colour

Tassel Making -Select a final colour

Select a final colour

More Colours





Tassel Making -Secure in the centre

Secure in the centre

Tassel Making -Slide wrap off the card

Slide wrap off the card

Secure & slide





Tassel Making - Secure through all thicknesses

Secure through all thicknesses

Tassel Making -Wrap the neck

Wrap the neck

Wrap the neck






Tassel Making -Secure the neck

Secure the neck

Tassel Making - Ta dah!

Et Voila!




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