Meet the-S box !

Here it is! we proudly present the-S box

the-S box July 2018 Beach Huthere’s some recent s-boxes :

June 2018 and July 2018 

Why not check out the contents in detail ?

click on the link to see what we cram into each box each month


the-s box February 2018

what is the-s box then? it’s a monthly craft subscription box from the-stitchery

so what does the-S stand for then? the-stitchery? subscription? stuff? super, scrumptious, select, sensational, smashing, snazzy, special, stylish, need we continue?

it’s definitely no longer a secret; the-S box is what ever you want it to be…


tell us more Each month we send you a selection of inspirational, creative goodies to get you crafting, sewing, knitting, doing and making.

We give you useful, but small amounts of co-ordinated or themed product, usually seasonal (but in advance) so you can create gifts, accessories and small projects.


wow, how fab is that then ! Yes! We’re like your personal craft shoppers, no angst, no planning.

We do all the hard work and you get all the fun – we’ll even give you ideas to kick start your making muse either by pointing you to a blog or an image to inspire you.

(but please note the-S box is not a kit)

So this is a new idea then? Sort of, yes. We tested July, August and September link on a secret band of savvy critics (oh and our very critical friends and families) who gave us feedback

and helped us to launch October’s Sparkle and Stitch and November’s Nordic Noel.  Ta-Dah!


What’s in future boxes? We’re currently excitedly awaiting new stock deliveries and putting together the December box for New Year.

We have the next 6 boxes for 2017 planned and ready to collate but they’re still a closely guarded secret…

Expect lots of exciting new product and inspirational, creative combinations


how does it all work then? the S-box is sent out at the beginning of each month at a single box cost of £14.95 and £2.95 p and p. (So you pay £17.90 for one box)

We aim to bring you great value by putting together crafty goodies exceeding that cost, and who knows? there might also be a little surprise gift enclosed ! Who doesn’t love something for Free?

You can just buy one box to check it out, – you choose which month you want -you can choose a previous box (whilst stocks last) or an advance one- just tell us your preference. You can have it sent as a gift of course

and here’s where is gets really good you can subscribe to the-S box for 3 or 6 months or longer if you like, and as a reward you will get increasing discounts. Sign up for a year and we will send you a special gift worth £25.00

one month any s box           £14.95 + £2.95 p and p                                =£17.90

3 months any start month    £53.70 less £5.00 subscription discount       =£48.70   

6 months any start month    £107.40 less £10.00 subscription discount    =£97.40

9 months any start month    £161.10
buy 9 boxes, pay for 8, get the 9th box free with free shipping               =£143.20

12 months any start month   £214.80
buy 12 boxes, pay for 11, get the 12th box free with free shipping          =£196.90
plus a free gift worth £25.00

Bit of small print. If you want you can request that we omit one box (with two weeks notice) and not lose out on the total number of boxes due to you. That would be useful if you were going on holiday for example

It’s a great idea and a FAB deal ! Yes we’re nice people!!

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