Looking back on March, 2016

Patchwork Perfect or diary of another old stool (part two)

Look at this ‘new’ stool in our shop window…. From this old, faded cover to this new exciting, happy, bright piece of patchwork loveliness!   In ‘diary of an old stool-part one’ we recovered the padded, top step of our shop step stool. We also have another (foam-topped) stool where customers rest their weary legs and browse… read more

Make a cute heart-shaped padded keyring

We love this little do-make project-it’s simple and sew quick and easy to do – this cute heart-shaped padded key ring shouldn’t take you much more than one hour max. And you could adapt our idea to use up all those little scraps of fabric…   Just think, if you start sewing now, everyone you know… read more

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