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How to make Brilliant, Beautiful, (easy) Bunting

IMG 6097IMG 6096IMG 6095Oh my goodness-we love bunting here at the-stitchery and it seems like you lovely lot do too!

As a quick-fix decoration, indoors and out, it’s just too easy to make and so effective.

IMG 5998So, how to make bunting! To start this simple bunting project, we suggest drawing out a ‘flag’ template and duplicating it. You will need: a ruler, A4 paper or pattern cutting paper, pen and paper scissors.

Draw a 20cm horizontal line, measure and mark the halfway point (10cm) and from this draw a vertical line down a further 20cm. (this should look like a capital T) The lowest point of this T will become the tip of your triangular flag.

IMG 6003IMG 6002With a diagonal line, join the ends of the horizontal line to the bottom point of the vertical line to form a triangle.

This is now your basic flag pattern and once it’s cut out, you can duplicate it as many times as you like to ready for pinning onto fabric.

IMG 6078IMG 6018For the bunting you will need: several different colours/prints of 20 cm strips of fabric,

seam binding (+ 1m extra tying up allowance).


Sewall 100mSONY DSCIMG 5750

Also thread, pins, fabric scissors and pinking shears.




Whether you choose just one fabric or several is entirely up to you,

but often what makes bunting unique is an eclectic and fun selection of prints and colours.

Use as many patterns and colours as you like.

IMG 6090For our bunting, we used a low key combination of neutrals that is far from dull, but is it quite subtle; classic white textures and lace, beige & cream-based prints as well as popular polka dot prints and some plain satins.

(Top Tip-don’t worry about mixing fabric weights, textures and types-the more the merrier).

IMG 6006Now you are ready to begin cutting the triangular fabric flags using the paper patterns.

Pin the pattern to the fabric. Save time by folding the 20cm strips so that you will cut through 3 or 4 layers all in one go.


IMG 6015Take care not to try and cut through too many layers as they may be too bulky and slip.

Cut around the triangle flag pattern and repeat with all fabric choices.


IMG 6010IMG 6007Cut the two diagonal sides with pinking shears – it is quick and simple and will give a really traditional finish. Remember – do not bother to pink the horizontal top edge as this will be hidden by the seam binding.

(Alternatively if you prefer neat you could fold and machine neaten the edges or with right sides together, ‘bag out’ the triangles).

IMG 6021Now you have cut out the flags and pinked them you can attach them to the seam binding.

We often get asked at the-stitchery whether its okay to use bias binding to make bunting but as bias stretches it’s not the best choice, seam binding is more robust and stable.

Another top tip is to leave 50cm of seam binding without flags at each end of the seam binding for tying up the bunting.

IMG 6024With the seam binding spread out in front of you,

(we find working on the ironing board – 4 flags at a time – works best),

position the straight, un-pinked edge of triangles onto the seam tape leaving enough to fold over the top of the raw edge.


IMG 6022Leave approx 5cm between each triangle (this way , you will make up 1m of bunting to every 4 flags).

Fold the seam tape in half and pin the triangles to the seam binding, enclosing the top raw edge. Pin at each corner and in the middle of the triangle. Continue this process along the seam binding until you reach the required length.


IMG 6032IMG 6027IMG 6038Set your sewing machine to a zig zag stitch, this will give the bunting extra strength.

Start sewing the folded seam binding and include the blank 50cms at each end.

IMG 6036IMG 6035IMG 6039And now you are ready to hang up and enjoy your bunting.

We have lots of super summer fabrics in stock – so if you want something pretty and bright to make up a long lasting decoration to be proud of, come up and see us in-store or shop online.

IMG 6042IMG 6044IMG 6040Here’s how delicate and pretty our finished bunting looks-the finished result is actually a lot nicer that the photos show.


IMG 6091IMG 6092We made extra so if you’re in the-stitchery why not ask to see the remainder up close-we’ll happily talk you through the method in person.

Everything you need for perfect bunting is available on-line as well as in our lovely Lewes shop.  We have now launched bunting kits to take the hard work out of selecting fabrics that look good together…

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