Looking back on November, 2013

Learn to Knit part 3 : what are tension squares?

how to make your tension square meaningful! Here’s where we clear the myths, mists and mystery surrounding tension squares. In our mini series ‘Learn to Knit’ we have mentioned tension squares quite a lot, so what exactly is a tension square and why do you need one? On a classic Double Knitting Yarn weight the… read more

Learn to Knit Part 2 : We Explain Knitting Yarn Weights

Compare yarn weights with our Knitting Wool Conversion Chart! We meet customers in our shop here in Lewes of all ages and all knitting abilities. It’s really encouraging to see boys as well as girls learning to knit and creating some really great first pieces. Our Learn to Knit kit has proved popular with so… read more

Learn to Knit: A Beginner’s Guide

Learn to Knit If you learned to knit when you were very young, chances are you won’t have forgotten everything. But, if like me, you didn’t really get on with knitting and focussed on sewing instead, now’s the time to have another go! It doesn’t matter how old you are -if I can do it,… read more

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