Looking back on November, 2012

How to make Christmas Bunting

Before you start your bunting project we suggest drawing out a ‘flag’ template. You will need: ruler, A4 paper, pencil, paper scissors Draw a 20cm horizontal line, measure and mark the halfway point (10cm) and from this draw a vertical line down a further 20cm. (this should look like a big T) This will become the… read more

How to : Pinked seams using pinking shears

This week, as our haberdashery delivery contained new stock of pinking shears here’s a guide on how to use them. Pinking shears are a form of scissors but instead of a straight cutting blade they are saw toothed leaving a zig zag pattern. The reason behind this is to stop fabric edges from fraying so easily, this… read more

Out with the old and in with new… it’s time for new pinnies!

We have always had a lot of interest and a lot of compliments in the shop when wearing our pinnies and we are always asked ‘do we sell them?‘ The short answer is unfortunately no, BUT we will tell you how we make them and then you can make one of your own and embellish it to your own… read more

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