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so what exactly is a ‘fat quarter’??

…people always ask us what a fat quarter is… well that’s obvious isn’t it?- it’s the opposite to a thin quarter, no really !!

quarter = a quarter of a yard (it’s an American term originally and they sell fabric by the yard) However, our quarters are based on metres…

and ‘fat’ is because its a yard (or metre) cut into halves first vertically, then horizontally as opposed to a quarter just cut vertically which would be a ‘thin’ quarter!

are you following this? well don’t worry fat quarters are on sale instore in the-stitchery in perfect, co-ordinating pre-cut packages (measuring approx 50cmx 55cms) or why not take a look at  the-S box February 2018 (sold out now) packed with twelve gorgeous cotton prints from the-stitchery

or the-S box February 2019 (selling fast at the time of writing…)

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