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How To : make your own bias binding

finished handmade bias binding

How to make bias binding or cut and join a crossway strip.

In our first “how-to”on this blog we covered the attachment of bias binding and flippantly stated what a nightmare it is to make your own bias binding… well maybe, maybe not, you can now decide for yourself. Go on have a go

close up of finished handmade bias binding

You do need accuracy and patience for good results so be prepared to take a bit of time-this is not a quick fix, but if you want bias binding to match your project or garment fabric it is so worth doing.

Prepare to make bias binding-fabric and tools

You will need;

  • 60 cm – 1m of fabric (the more the better)
  • Tailors Chalk
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Matching Thread
  • Pins
  • A Iron
Fold the fabric on the bias

You will need to work diagonally across the grain of the fabric to give the finished bias the most elasticity or stretch. The easiest way to do this is by folding the fabric diagonally and giving it a slight press with your fingers to use as a guide line.

Mark out the bias

Using a ruler and tailors chalk, begin marking 5cm strips diagonally across the fabric, preferably at 45 degrees to the selvedge.

cut out the bias strips

Once you have enough of the fabric covered cut out the strips.

trim the bias strips at 45 degrees

Trim the ends of the strips at 45 degrees

pin the bias strips

Pin the right sides of the trimmed ends together, matching raw edges  so picture 1 will shortly look like picture 2. Don’t worry about any overlap as this will be trimmed off! Repeat until all the strips have been used up.

sew the bias strips, right sides together

press the seam open

Sew across each join, using a straight stitch approx 0.5cms from the raw edge

repeat the process until you have enough bias binding

Press each seam open with the point of the iron and press the strips-they are now one continual strip. At this stage, snip off the little excess triangular corners.

press the raw edges into the centre

press the folded bias in half

Press the strip in half through the centre and then press each raw edge to meet on the centre pressed fold

finished and pressed bias binding

Voila! Perfect handmade bias binding, you are ready to attach your bias binding to your fabric!

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