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the-S box September 2018

WOW! the-S box September 2018 is JEWEL and has been inspired by this Summer’s heat-wave. We reckon that by the time September is out we will have experienced a gorgeous Indian Summer YAY! JEWEL is celebrating this with a spicy palette of hot gem tones mixed up with a bit of Bollywood Bling With it’s sequins, sheen and metallic finishes, Jewel is starting to build up towards shhh… the festive season

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the-S box August 2018

SPECIAL OFFER!! Buy 'Check Mate' the-S box August 2018 for £16.95 at the same time as PLAY! the-s box March 2018; use the discount code minusnine at the checkout and get £9.00 off... WOW! that's a totally FAB offer eh?


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How to : make a pair of lacy, satin knickers

In this blog I’ll show you each step of my first attempt at making a pair of fancy pants, or “how to make a pair of lacy satin knickers”! As always, I have the-S box to inspire my ‘make’ and it was specifically this gold paisley lace that inspired me to have a go a […]

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